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Behind Closed Doors: Luke’s Story

Luke’s Story:

We all experience heartache and pain, and sometimes we choose to keep these secrets to ourselves, in the dark.  Luke’s story is no different.  Luke has spent most of his life in the spotlight, from community plays to music, but Luke kept some of his biggest pains to himself.  Through the recommendation of some family and friends, Luke looked into Discovery Training.  When asked why he chose to attend he said,  “You know what, sometimes in life you do things you don’t want to do. I didn’t want to do it. My family really encouraged me to do it and I did it for them. Although, by the time the training was over I knew that this was for me. I deserved it.”

Luke went through Discovery in March of 2016, and a lot changed.  “It really pointed out that holding onto your past and wallowing in it is detrimental to your future. It also really showed me that it’s totally okay to not be okay.”  He was able to take what was once in the dark and bring it to light during his time at the training.  “I really try to keep the mindset that I had while in the training. Instead of asking myself why did certain life events happen, I acknowledge that life is happening for me. When life gets tough, I remember the tools I learned, surround myself with awesome people who hold me accountable, and get up and wrap up my hands and fight through.”

What has been your biggest change since Discovery?

“The way I love other people, for sure. You never know what people are going through behind closed doors. I was that person that needed help but was too afraid to ask. It has shown me a view of people that I never even imagined.”

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